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Our in-shop prices are very competitive with the prices you will find from online retailers once you add on drilling and overnight shipping to the cost of their balls as we have most balls in stock and ready to go,usually the same day and usually while you wait. Not to mention that you also have the benefit of having a local retailer who will stand behind their products. If we don't have what you need, we can usually have it the next day.If you feel that you must buy you balls online, we will be happy to drill your ball for you and provide the same excellent service.


The best new equipment on the market cannot improve your game if it does not fit properly. We spend as much time as it takes to custom fit your thumb to maximize performance and minimize injuries like blisters. We also spend the time to layout your new ball to match your individual bowling style and maximize performance.We also offer the ViseGrip  IT removable thumb system which allows you to duplicate that "perfect fit" in all of your balls so they all feel identical.We carry most of the newest bowling balls in stock and can have your ball ready the same day - usually while you wait.

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