Ultra Heat

Everyone loved the original Heat. It was one of the best balls for drier lane conditions. We took that same concept and put a stronger hybrid coverstock on the new Ultra Heat to give the beloved Heat ball motion a little more mid lane grip so that it can be thrown on a wider variety of patterns.

DR-6 Hybrid Coverstock

The DR-6 Hybrid is quite a bit stronger than the DR-5 Pearl found on the Heat. Finished at 500/1000 Abralon w Factory Finish Polish, this DR-6 Hybrid cover will give you plenty of length with a strong downlane motion on medium oil patterns.

Modified Tri-Core

The Modified Tri-Core is a throw back to the core design found in the original Heat. We’ve matched the RG perfectly to the original while lowering the flare potential slightly to match up better with today’s stronger covers.


Coverstock  DR-6 Hybrid

Finish  500/1000 Abralon Polished with Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish

Lane Condition  Medium Oil

Color  Orange/Red/Yellow

Weights  12-16lb LBS

Core  Modified Tri-Core

Core Type  Symmetrical