Technology of yesteryear, with the spin of today’s modern game. The Pitch Black is the ultimate choice for wood lanes or shorter oil patterns. The Controll Solid Urethane is porous and predictable. The Capacitor Core helps regulate flare potential; pure predictability at its finest.

Building on the same principles of the Pitch Black, the Pitch Blue is the next step in the evolution of Storm’s urethane dominance. The Controll Plus Pearl Urethane is cleaner through the heads than the original. The symmetrical and stable Capacitor Core continues to regulate flare potential with thunderous results.

Higher rev players and those with slower speeds are going to love the Capacitor Core as it is a true-rolling masterpiece. Pure predictability at its finest, this design makes you the ultimate master of your ball motion. The higher RG, lower differential will give the bowler a long and smooth roll on tougher conditions.