Truth™ Tour

Prime 800 Series



  • The S78R™ Solid Coverstock provides a clean front lane motion.
  • The Adaptor/C™ LD (Low Differential) Symmetric core.
  • ICE “E” 3,000 Grit
  • Use the Truth™ Tour on heavy to medium-heavy lane conditions.


The NEW Truth Tour™ will provide the serious bowler with the edge they need to perform their best!

The always reliable Adaptor/C™ Symmetric Core has been modified into a low differential version. Expect to see easier length through the heads combined with a strong, yet controllable motion on the backend.

Wrapped around the core is an ALL NEW coverstock formulation named S78R™!! Expect a strong, yet predictable motion throughout the lane!!


Coverstock: S78R™ Solid

Finish: ICE “E” 3,000 Grit

Color: Black

Core: Adaptor/C™ LD Symmetric

Flare Potential: 3-4″


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