Absolute Truth™

Prime 800 Series



  • S80R™  Hybrid Coverstock .
  • The Adaptor/C Symmetric core provides 5-6″ plus of flare potential.
  • Use the Absolute Truth on heavy to medium-heavy lane conditions.


The Absolute Truth™ will provide the perfect balance of power and control on medium to heavy oil conditions.
The venerable Adaptor/C™ Symmetric Core, as always, will provide quick revolutions off the bowler’s hand. The core has proven to combine the perfect amount of torque at the breakpoint time and time again.
Wrapped around the core is the super aggressive S80R™ Hybrid Coverstock. This is the most aggressive coverstock ever to be used on a Prime Series ball.

Coverstock:  S80R Hybrid

Finish:  ICE “E” (3,000 Grit)

Color:  Blue/Orange/Black

Core:  Adaptor/C  Symmetric

Flare Potential:  5″ plus



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